September 6, 2012
Meanwhile, Turnbull takes a very delicate swing at his party’s politicking. Leave a comment
Gillard finally finds Jim Wallace offensive. Leave a comment
Germany’s power generation becomes more reliable as it adds renewables, not less as is generally claimed by di… fossil fuel proponents. Leave a comment
September 5, 2012
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Being hit on by someone of the same gender is comparable to finding someone sexually assaulting your child, according to Classy Campbell. Leave a comment
‘Christian’ wingnut GP prescribes chemical castration as cure for The Gay, without mentioning that it’s chemical castration. Is no longer a GP. Leave a comment
Gina Rinehart apparently unhappy she can’t pay her staff $2 a day Leave a comment
Katter’s party in meltdown (according to KAP candidate) Leave a comment
September 4, 2012
Yep, it’s official: Abbott supports racist deportations. (For those who say it’s a country not a race, we know you have-black-friends-and-are-not-racist,-but) Leave a comment
September 3, 2012
Coalition wants Sri-Lankan refugees arbitrarily denied asylum for the crime of… not being at war? Last I checked, not being at war doesn’t prevent government persecution (If we got out of our wars, would Australia quit persecuting minorities?) Leave a comment
Countries acting as fronts for corporations… not scary at all. Leave a comment
August 31, 2012
Holy fucking what the fucking shit!? Leave a comment
Oh right, Adelaide. One comment
August 30, 2012
Faifax journalists looking for work Leave a comment
Greens – Bring pollies perks into the daylight Leave a comment
August 29, 2012
Publicly funded dental. That is all. Leave a comment
Liberal premiers being used to beat Abbott over the head. Leave a comment
Women need to do more submitting to men. Or some shit. Leave a comment
Indonesia’s violent suppression of dissent (and Australia’s connection to such) get some long-overdue attention Leave a comment
Gun control reform panel populated entirely by pro-gun folk. Stay classy, Queensland. Leave a comment
“Romney was lured away to run the Winter Olympics, the second most Caucasian institution on earth, after the G.O.P” Leave a comment
August 28, 2012
Julia Gillard’s shoe falls off. Yes, really, that’s it. Leave a comment
Howard not helping Abbott convince people the Libs don’t want WorkChoices back Leave a comment
Sexism at the ABC Leave a comment
Meanwhile, Leigh Sales responds with hilarity Leave a comment
August 27, 2012
Obama/Muslim conspiracy theories, this time with the fresh new taste of outer space and pissing on the corpse of a pioneer. Leave a comment
Vice-chancellor uses secret underground escape tunnel to evade students. Leave a comment
Pregnancy begins 2 weeks before pregnancy begins, according to that queen of hipster politician, Arizona’s Jan Brewer Leave a comment
Judge planning for Obama’s handover of power to the UN, and the resulting civil war. Yeah, it’s just that kind of day. Leave a comment
A poll? Yeah, okay, this is just too much stupid for one day. I’m out. Leave a comment
Australia sucks at dealing with refugees Leave a comment
August 24, 2012
UN: “We want fuck all to do with Australia’s bullshit abuse of refugees”. #notarealquote #hashtagsoutsidetwitter Leave a comment
Soldiers build camps for the arbitrary detention of undesirables. I really don’t want to Godwin, but this is uncomfortably close… Leave a comment
Objective headline is objective, certainly not emotive click-bait Leave a comment
Government plans to save money by expecting unemployed people with kids to live on the same amount of money as unemployed people without kids   Leave a comment
August 23, 2012
Refugee intake increased (human rights abuses to continue) Leave a comment
Aunty is watching Leave a comment
Fracking to go ahead in Sydney One comment
Journalism! One comment
August 22, 2012
Greens – Surveillance expansion goes ahead despite clear warnings Leave a comment
Tasmania looking into banning anyone born after 2000 from buying tobacco. Ever. Leave a comment
Turnbull invests in the technology he’s been campaigning against in parliament. Leave a comment
Katter’s Australia Party – LNP confirms plans for new rail sell off 1,643 comments
This is not how one campaigns for editorship of a student magazine. If one is sane. Leave a comment
August 21, 2012
Remember that time Tony Abbott wanted to get thrown out of parliament? This wasn’t it. Leave a comment
Private schools continue to be persecuted by their wealthier, more attractive, public school counterparts Leave a comment
Politician wants people to stop lying, calling him a black kettle. Leave a comment
August 20, 2012
Banks full of shit. Who knew? (Aside from everyone…) Leave a comment
Country Liberals jerk off all over NT Labor Leave a comment
“Legitimate rape” victims don’t get pregnant, according to some Republicans. Leave a comment
Lyle Shelton admits that the gay marriage argument is lost and that he’s on the wrong side of history Leave a comment
If only there was a political party with a civics education policy… One comment
August 17, 2012
Seeking asylum is not illegal, Mr Abbott Leave a comment
Marine Climate Change report card – CSIRO Leave a comment
Ecuador grants asylum to Julian Assange – transcript One comment
Like the lower house, the Senate passes offshore processing legislation, while voting against added human rights protection and review of the policy. Greens only dissent to violating international obligations. Leave a comment
Tony Windsor being awesome, and a better journalist than pretty much anyone working at the majors. Leave a comment
Ecuador gives infinitely better consular support to an Australian citizen than Australia. Then goes even further. (Bonus: snide jab at Australia’s human rights record) Leave a comment
The UK comes close to demolishing the foundation of basic diplomatic relations, and might still. This isn’t an exaggeration. Seriously, this is massive. Leave a comment
August 16, 2012
While the UK threatens to violate the Vienna Convention, Syria quietly goes on its merry way, pissing all over the Geneva Conventions. Leave a comment
Renewed calls for inquiry into lies that sent the ADF to Iraq, including Malcom Fraser (continuing to be legendary) Leave a comment
Philip Morris vows ongoing legal challenges to plain packing laws. Seems to miss the part where a decision by the High Court can’t be appealed because it’s… the High Court. Leave a comment
An expert case of burying the lede. Outright say that it’s the carbon tax’s fault at the start, then mention at the end that someone (and the facts) disagrees. Leave a comment
UK threatens to effectively invade Ecuador to kidnap Assange. Yeah, it’s totally just about extraditing him so Swedish police can ask him questions. Leave a comment
August 15, 2012
Abbott complains about the prospect of the Gillard government doing something his party did twice in three elections, while he was a minister. Leave a comment
Former Liberal PM calls bullshit on “racist” anti-refugee policy. Leave a comment
Let’s pretend that the refurbishment of an almost century-old building teeming with asbestos is all about Gillard. That’ll be fun. Leave a comment
Labor and LNP agree on something. Having arbitrary, indefinite (potentially lifetime) detention for asylum seekers. Leave a comment
Even Republicans think Romney’s VP pick is a disaster waiting to happen. Leave a comment
High Court tells tobacco industry “Stick that in y0ur pipe and smoke it.” Leave a comment
August 14, 2012
Obama hints at being a little bit giddy over Mars awesomeness Leave a comment
Gillard panders to religious extremists Leave a comment
August 13, 2012
Japan to detonate bombs near Darwin (bullshit headline writing: amIdoingitright?) Leave a comment
According to QANTAS, all men on planes are pedos. Leave a comment
Romney selects viciously anti-gay running mate (and all-round moron) Leave a comment
Dems add marriage equality to official plaform Leave a comment
August 12, 2012
Catholic church joins the 20th century, reluctantly. Maybe. Leave a comment
August 10, 2012
Firing someone for rescuing a stray apparently not just dickish, also illegal.
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Coalition can’t agree on which truth is most truthfully expedient. Politically speaking. (Bonus: Ian MacFarlane looking like he wants to eat babies) Leave a comment
August 9, 2012
“…the Liberals appear to have a problem with women.” Leave a comment
Champion of the media’s right to question, News Ltd, dodges questions from the media. Leave a comment
Opposition declare NBN a failure because it will cost more than originally claimed. Except, the 4% increase in estimated cost is nothing for a massive public project, and the total cost is still less than initial estimates. Leave a comment
Sex Party – Angry at Angry Leave a comment
August 8, 2012
I feel like this is some kind of reverse-Godwin (the headline is borderline, too… I don’t see Abbott’s racism being labelled as “Christian call to curb compassion”) Leave a comment
Punch commenters aren’t racist, but… 2 comments
August 7, 2012
Newman has shortest honeymoon ever. Tends to happen when you kill jobs, funding for breast cancer screening, etc. Leave a comment
Coalition’s plan to tackle climate change: Pretend to do something now, and “Let future Ted deal with it” Leave a comment
Coalition full of shit on carbon tax… Leave a comment
… and voters seem to have started noticing. Leave a comment
NSW Police Chief demonstrates his fundamental lack of clues Leave a comment
August 6, 2012
Opposition uncommits to NDIS Leave a comment
Abbott accuses Gillard of waging “jihad” on miners 2 comments
Voting is Deadly Leave a comment
Can someone please tell me why the fuck it matters if we get medals at the Olympics, let alone why that’s more important than academic studies? Leave a comment
Downer touted to lead SA Libs. Leave a comment
Drink manufacturers say nation-wide deposit scheme would hurt consumers. Also shown to have jacked up their prices more than the cost of deposit, blaming it on the deposit. Leave a comment
What the fucking fuck? Leave a comment
August 3, 2012
Herpity Derpity Dooooooo! Leave a comment
The important thing about this teenage Olympian is her hair Leave a comment
“Stand Up to Anti-Christian, Anti-Chicken Heterophobic Bigots” Leave a comment