December 17, 2012
Internet stays free(ish) (for now). Leave a comment
November 9, 2012
‘Net filter squashed, ACL still providing lulz. Leave a comment
April 5, 2012
The awkward moment when you break the law you propose. Leave a comment
October 18, 2011
NBN rollout plan to September 2012 (PDF warning) Leave a comment
August 3, 2011
Paraphrasing Turnbull – “We absolutely will ensure its value is maximised sell the NBN when we win office.” Leave a comment
April 29, 2011
Melbourne sucks Leave a comment
March 2, 2011
NBN to get same scrutiny as Australia Post and Medibank Private Leave a comment
February 23, 2011
NBN boss: Coalition critics lack understanding of basic things like physics. Get back to me once you know as much as a kid in year 9 Leave a comment
February 15, 2011
Apparently Telstra 4G will hurt the NBN. Ignoring of course that it’ll likely *use* the NBN. Leave a comment
January 20, 2011
Oddly, Gillard doesn’t agree with Abbott that scrapping nation building is a good way to… rebuild. Leave a comment
January 19, 2011
Greens to challenge NBN public oversight exemption Leave a comment
January 12, 2011
Qld Police put twitter to good use Leave a comment
December 28, 2010
Entire industry under threat from GM contamination Leave a comment
December 23, 2010
GM crops cause contamination, destroy organic farmer’s accreditation (and thus, business) Leave a comment
December 22, 2010
Potential trouble for NBN and apartment buildings Leave a comment
December 10, 2010
The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers Leave a comment
December 2, 2010
ACL whines about independent analysis being too independent, and not at all what they wanted (also, we were right) 2 comments
November 25, 2010
NBN victory “career-defining” for Gillard Leave a comment
November 24, 2010
Doogie Howser MP does something noteworthy Leave a comment
November 23, 2010
DFAT needs to stop treating the 21st century like a foreign country Leave a comment
November 22, 2010
Greens prevent automatic sale (and automatic private monopoly) of NBN Leave a comment
November 17, 2010
NBN business plan under continuing pressure Leave a comment
November 10, 2010
LHC one step closer to DESTROYING THE UNIVERSE. Or, y’know, discovering stuff. Leave a comment
October 27, 2010
Turnbull’s new broadband policy seems a lot like the old one: pointless Leave a comment
October 25, 2010
How mobile internet works Leave a comment
October 21, 2010
Conroy: News Ltd trying to destroy NBN Leave a comment
October 15, 2010
Toilet broadband? Wasn’t this a google April fools? Leave a comment
October 13, 2010
Gillard raises net filter again (apparently thinks she can get Abbott to stop saying no to everything Labor, since the Greens won’t let it happen) Leave a comment
October 12, 2010
NBN likely to be required for landline phones 2 comments
Vic Labor tries out this ‘internet’ thing they’ve been hearing about (and seem to be taking it seriously) Leave a comment
October 5, 2010
Turnbull rhetoric on NBN contradicted by data from Tasmania Leave a comment
September 27, 2010
Sure NBN has issues, but it’s important (and some of its high profile detractors are hypocrites) Leave a comment
September 20, 2010
Pyne: We weren’t wrong about broadband, we’re just changing our position anyway Leave a comment
Telcos: It’s not us, people are just stupid (granted, but your service still sucks) Leave a comment
September 9, 2010
Refocus of NBN raises budget concerns Leave a comment
September 7, 2010
Guy with no IT credentials calls NBN worthless pork barrel Leave a comment
August 23, 2010
Broadband seems to be a constant, and one Labor has a major advantage on Leave a comment
August 17, 2010
Gillard ties NBN into health reform Leave a comment
August 12, 2010
Terry McCrann demonstrates ignorance of the term ‘future proofing’ Leave a comment
August 11, 2010
Industry not happy with Coalitions alternative broadband plan Leave a comment
August 10, 2010
“…social media exposes the bigotry still present in modern politics” Leave a comment
In defence of the NBN
Leave a comment
August 6, 2010
Coalition vow to block internet filter (which, FYI, they can do from opposition) Leave a comment
July 30, 2010
Labor ups the ante on broadband Leave a comment