December 20, 2012
Oddly, the ACMA finds that tearing an interviewee to shreds because they’ve got nary a leg to stand on isn’t bias, it’s journalism. Leave a comment
December 14, 2012
Ashby case really starting to bite the Coalition in the arse. Leave a comment
December 13, 2012
Pirate Party finally registers Leave a comment
December 12, 2012
Ashby’s case against slipper thrown out for being obviously a political and personal attack, and an abuse of the court system. Leave a comment
November 28, 2012
UN human rights committee votes unanimously to ban female genital mutilation. Leave a comment
November 27, 2012
Labor MPs agitating for Palestine support Leave a comment
Catholic Church taken to International Criminal Court Leave a comment
November 20, 2012
Federal government to finally plug hole in federal anti-discrimination law.   Leave a comment
And to the Catholic Church I have to say this: you certainly did fuck an awful lot of kids, and at some point, this is going to make you wildly unpopular with the powerful anti-kid-fucking lobby. Leave a comment
Some (but not much) federal government money set aside to fight human trafficking. Leave a comment
November 19, 2012
Overwhelming support for voluntary euthanasia. Leave a comment
November 14, 2012
Even Abbott thinks that priests should be required to report abuse they learn about through confession. Leave a comment
November 12, 2012
Increasing pressure for royal commission into child abuse in the church Leave a comment
November 9, 2012
‘Net filter squashed, ACL still providing lulz. Leave a comment
October 30, 2012
Farrell hands top spot to Wong after pressure from PM (and probably others) Leave a comment
October 24, 2012
Abbott getting to be known internationally as effectively “that sexist guy”. Leave a comment
October 18, 2012
Jones forced to fact-check, or else. Leave a comment
October 17, 2012
The crime David Hicks was convicted of gets overturned. So… that means, after formal appeals, no conviction. Which means the condition that he not sue for human rights abuses goes out the window, too. Man, sucks to be DFAT right now. Leave a comment
For everyone who says “Abbott doesn’t hate women, he has daughters”, Macquarie Dictionary has some ‘splaining that might help you understand misogyny. Leave a comment
October 9, 2012
Coalition senator: the Coalition is slipping further to the right. Leave a comment
September 18, 2012
The Catholic Church finally gets it right; the end is nigh Leave a comment
September 11, 2012
Guy responsible for working out how to stop the boats finally admits that the boats can’t be stopped at our end, because they’re running from, not to. Leave a comment
September 10, 2012
Turnbull applies a little marriage equality pressure to the Libs Leave a comment
September 6, 2012
Gillard pulls out of ACL conference after Jim Wallace takes the offensive blatant lies too far. Leave a comment
Meanwhile, Turnbull takes a very delicate swing at his party’s politicking. Leave a comment
August 29, 2012
Publicly funded dental. That is all. Leave a comment
Indonesia’s violent suppression of dissent (and Australia’s connection to such) get some long-overdue attention Leave a comment
August 23, 2012
Refugee intake increased (human rights abuses to continue) Leave a comment
August 21, 2012
Remember that time Tony Abbott wanted to get thrown out of parliament? This wasn’t it. Leave a comment
August 16, 2012
Renewed calls for inquiry into lies that sent the ADF to Iraq, including Malcom Fraser (continuing to be legendary) Leave a comment
August 13, 2012
Dems add marriage equality to official plaform Leave a comment
August 12, 2012
Catholic church joins the 20th century, reluctantly. Maybe. Leave a comment
August 7, 2012
… and voters seem to have started noticing. Leave a comment
July 30, 2012
Polls show people noticing the world didn’t end with the carbon tax Leave a comment
July 20, 2012
Human rights commissioner suggests that maybe we should allow refugees some human rights Leave a comment
Solar thermal set to replace aging coal plant Leave a comment
July 18, 2012
CANdo finally get attention, like it wanted. Not in the way it wanted. Leave a comment
July 13, 2012
Gardasil vaccinations extended to boys, finally. (Also: Dear stupid ‘scientist’: 90% of people in a risk group not getting cancer is because it’s the risk group, not the cancer group) Leave a comment
July 12, 2012
Someone pointed out the Sex Party have sensible policies. I can only imagine they’re looking for a new job, now. Leave a comment
July 11, 2012
Not everyone in Labor thinks vilifying the people who have positions most Labor voters agree with is a good idea. Leave a comment
July 10, 2012
Contraception saves lives. A fuckload, seriously. Leave a comment
July 5, 2012
Clergy who failed at mandatory reporting could be staring down the barrel soon Leave a comment
June 29, 2012
Burnside calls bullshit on politics over refugees, offers obvious, simple solution Leave a comment
June 28, 2012
What’s missing from debate (and bickering) over refugees. Leave a comment
June 21, 2012
Media ownership laws might be revisited, too late Leave a comment
June 20, 2012
Free theocrats in schools turns out to be unconstitutional.. Who knew? Leave a comment
June 19, 2012
We won, Mick. One comment
June 15, 2012
Alan Jones smacked by regulator for being a filthy liar Leave a comment
June 13, 2012
Politics of “No” starts to bite back in the US Leave a comment
June 12, 2012
NT coroners finally get their shit together and admit that being a Seventh Day Adventist is less likely to make you eat a baby than being a dingo. Leave a comment
June 8, 2012
Scare campaign about wind power not working Leave a comment
March 29, 2012
News Ltd stops getting out of jail free for publishing bigoted readers’ comments. Leave a comment
March 20, 2012
R18+ games legislation passes Lower House Leave a comment
March 9, 2012
Abbot gets served at Peoples Forum One comment
February 15, 2012
R18+ rating bill introduced to parliament Leave a comment
February 1, 2012
Abbott full of shit, eh? Leave a comment
January 16, 2012
UK government officially bans creationism from science classes Leave a comment
December 9, 2011
Victorial Council of Churches: Those ACL douchebags don’t speak for us, or most Christians for that matter. Douchebags. (slightly paraphrased/pdf warning) Leave a comment
December 5, 2011
Liberal senator calls for the Liberals to sack up on marriage equality Leave a comment
November 29, 2011
Julian Assange’s Walkley Award acceptance speech transcript Leave a comment
November 2, 2011
Tony Windsor declares war on fracking (It’s as dirty as it sounds, but not in the way you’re thinking) Leave a comment
November 1, 2011
ACT citizens to have equal rights as rest of country… except NT Leave a comment
October 14, 2011
Australia finally treating refugees like people? Leave a comment
October 12, 2011
VSU gets crammed back in its hole Leave a comment
October 6, 2011
Why #Occupy ? Leave a comment
October 4, 2011
Electoral Commission investigating Victorian Liberals’ finances Leave a comment
September 26, 2011
Rights for Saudi women no longer “fuck all”, now “one more than fuck all” Leave a comment
September 19, 2011
UK’s Conservative-led government planning same-sex marriage Leave a comment
September 13, 2011
The sound of a thousand News Ltd journalists updating their resumes Leave a comment
September 6, 2011
“When … did this allegedly lucky country (… whose national anthem proudly proclaims that “for those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share”) become a nation of selfish, narrow-minded xenophobes?” Leave a comment
August 10, 2011
NSW AG supports R18+ rating for videogames Leave a comment
August 5, 2011
The Coalition: filthy liars Leave a comment
July 29, 2011
So many problems with chaplains in public schools, and we’re only scratching the surface Leave a comment
July 21, 2011
Even Malcolm Farr thinks Monckton is a moron Leave a comment
July 1, 2011
Calls to Lifeline now free from mobiles Leave a comment
June 24, 2011
Ai WeiWei released. Leave a comment
June 21, 2011
Anna Bligh determined to lose every single vote in northern Queensland Leave a comment
June 20, 2011
Qld ALP backs marriage equality. Yes, Queensland. Leave a comment
Unions back carbon price Leave a comment
June 17, 2011
Abu Bakar Bashir jailed Leave a comment
June 16, 2011
Apartment living on the rise Leave a comment
June 15, 2011
(Accept) tits, or GTFO Leave a comment
June 10, 2011
Defence on track to remove gender requirements for roles, in favour of testing actual capability Leave a comment
June 1, 2011
ADSHEL turns the other cheek, goes gay. Leave a comment
May 18, 2011
Labor politician makes the case for same-sex partners to be able to raise children Leave a comment
May 5, 2011
Human Rights Commissioner: The Opposition’s anti-equality bigotry feeds more bigotry Leave a comment
May 2, 2011
Bin Laden: Dead Leave a comment
April 28, 2011
SA Attorney-General supports R18+ for video games Leave a comment
Xenophon on Libs & Pokies: “Even in a cynical world like politics, this seems to be a new low” Leave a comment
April 27, 2011
Govt. closer to fixing school funding so rich schools don’t get more than they should Leave a comment
April 19, 2011
For all the bluster of going it alone on a carbon price, Europe has left Australia behind Leave a comment
Banning the Burqa isn’t about principle; it’s politics through and through Leave a comment
April 6, 2011
Counter to the disinformation about carbon pricing (well, some of it; there’s just so much) Leave a comment
Enough with the fearmongering about Islam Leave a comment
March 30, 2011
Pauline Hanson gets Labor, the Greens and the Libs to agree on something: that she’s a blight on Australian politics (which is saying something) Leave a comment
March 29, 2011
NBN legislation passed, despite transparent posturing from Coalition Leave a comment
March 28, 2011
Defamatory “journalist”, Andrew Bolt, in court again One comment
March 23, 2011
Flood levy passes senate Leave a comment
March 11, 2011
Some long overdue common sense and explanation of carbon pricing Leave a comment
March 9, 2011
Abbott’s “people’s revolt” looks uncomfortably similar to America’s extreme-Right Tea Party movement, which specialises in misinformation and personal attacks Leave a comment