December 1, 2012
Tony Abbott and his slushy character question Leave a comment
November 29, 2012
Bishop lies to be better at accusing Gillard of lying. Leave a comment
November 23, 2012
Coalition and Labor support a visa policy that allows people to effectively buy their way in (unless they’re refugees, then buying your way to a country is illegal and horrible). Leave a comment
August 22, 2012
Turnbull invests in the technology he’s been campaigning against in parliament. Leave a comment
December 15, 2011
Moderate Libs won’t back down on conscience vote for marriage equality. Libs have never before been denied a conscience vote allowed to Labor – doesn’t seem very liberal, does it? Leave a comment
November 23, 2011
Peter Costello is upset that times change. One comment
November 15, 2011
Nationals finally realising being in a coalition doesn’t preclude having your own opinion (probably after watching the Greens, not that they’d admit it) Leave a comment
August 19, 2011
Teresa Gambaro bravely standing up for the people who voted against her Leave a comment
July 26, 2011
Dr of Comparative Religion plays victim as he groups left-wingers and Islamists  as exploiters of tragedy. 2 comments
July 18, 2011
Abbott offers support for one tax in exchange for opposing another Leave a comment
June 29, 2011
Party of small government has no qualms in taking government handout. Leave a comment
June 1, 2011
Australian Christian Lobby wants gays dead and/or dying. Leave a comment
May 23, 2011
Raging bigot running for President while pretending to speak for Martin Luther King Jr. Leave a comment
May 20, 2011
Having recently secured hundreds of millions of dollars in government funding for brainwashing children, Christian group upset that atheists will receive $500,000 to help host a convention. Leave a comment
March 24, 2011
Opposition MP criticises Rudd for not blabbing details of delicate international negotiations and planning all over the public record Leave a comment
March 17, 2011
Man who runs popular online commenting site, decries public’s online comments One comment
March 10, 2011
Telstra warns of damaging NBN monopoly, somehow with a straight face Leave a comment
March 2, 2011
Abbott:  Lie about your beliefs on climate change so we don’t get distracted from criticising Gillard for being a liar. Leave a comment
February 28, 2011
Telstra calls the  kettle black. And monopolistic. Leave a comment
February 17, 2011
The same Liberal party that criticised Labor for shelving reports until after the election … shelves a report until after the election Leave a comment
February 14, 2011
Jim Wallace: How dare you try to indoctrinate our children with your secularism! That’s Christianity’s job! Leave a comment
Opportunistic hypocrisy from the LNP? Never… Leave a comment
February 1, 2011
Cory Bernardi : Free speech is OK, but only if you’re attacking muslims. Leave a comment
Mirabella bitches about Labor not doing anything on fuel prices, without offering any ideas Leave a comment
January 14, 2011
Apparently Greens’ pro-worker policy is because they’re owned by unions. Pro-worker policy encouraging unions to support them? That’d just be ridiculous. One comment
January 12, 2011
How I pulled this article out of the Republicans’ collective arse, OR, My case for getting Sarah Palin to have sex with me. One comment
December 16, 2010
Hey look, The Oz accusing Greens of being dirty rumour-mongering opportunists. Despite calling for the exact same thing as the author. Leave a comment
November 16, 2010
Aboriginal elder calls bullshit on Abbott (‘That development trouble you’re talking about, Tony? Yeah, you caused it’) Leave a comment
October 28, 2010
Liberal Senator warps reality to suit self and scaremonger about a minor party Leave a comment
October 11, 2010
Crikey publisher: the ABC is bad because it’s not subject to the free market and competition. Which are good. Except when the ABC is competing with me.
(alt: The Oz: “Hey guys, one of our competitors is bitching about someone we hate!”
One comment
I’m sure there was a point to this, but it was drowned out by the ridiculousness of the phrase “journalism standards” in The Oz One comment