November 2, 2012
Combet trolls the Libs on leadership tension. Leave a comment
November 1, 2012
UN calls bullshit on Australia’s handling of refugees. Again. Leave a comment
Thomson accuses Labor of pandering to the redneck vote. Leave a comment
October 31, 2012
Businesses call for surplus promise to be abandoned so they can get more money (and then probably criticise the government for reneging). Leave a comment
King of like how the Coalition vote down spending cuts so they can complain about excess spending and the government maybe not being able to keep its promise on balanced spending. Leave a comment
Republican Governor praises Obama for Hurrican Sandy response, tells Fox he doesn’t give a shit about presidential politics when there’s a natural disaster (when they try to deflect his praise for Obama). Leave a comment
Cory “Gay-Marriage-Leads-To-Bestiality” Bernardi keeps top spot on ticket ahead of more senior Lib, despite Abbott’s comments last week that seniority should determine position (but only when it can be used to embarrass the government). Leave a comment
October 30, 2012
Farrell hands top spot to Wong after pressure from PM (and probably others) Leave a comment
Fuckwits’ uppance  comes. Leave a comment
October 29, 2012
Public dental, NDIS, school funding – “distractions” according to the Opposition. Yeah, who cares about … healthcare… or kids… or disabled people.   Leave a comment
Opposition treasury spokesperson says 2.3% growth is “flatlining” and 0% growth would be a recession. Maybe Joe Hockey just hasn’t heard of negative numbers… Leave a comment
When is wind power a problem? When it produces so much that other countries can’t cope with the supply. Leave a comment
October 26, 2012
Tracy Spicer unloads a bucket full of smackdown. Leave a comment
October 25, 2012
Abbott tries to play the victim, as though he’s being persecuted for being a father. Leave a comment
Rape babies are God’s work: Republican Leave a comment
October 24, 2012
Head of ASEAN calls Coalitions’s boat policy stupid fucking bullshit. Slight paraphrase. Leave a comment
Abbott getting to be known internationally as effectively “that sexist guy”. Leave a comment
Fuck people. Seriously, arseholes. Leave a comment
Grats someone on breaking the law and sending out paper that’s probably covered in your fingerprints. And being a douchbag; grats on that, too. Leave a comment
October 23, 2012
Don’t predict a major earthquake? Jail time, bitches. Leave a comment
Abbott attacks cuts to baby bonus, saying government doesn’t understand having kids. Then tries to pretend it’s not a cheap shot about the leader of said government who doesn’t have kids. Leave a comment
October 22, 2012
Abbott’s negativity hurting himself more than the government Leave a comment
October 19, 2012
Abbott predicts (promises?) “election campaign will be the filthiest and the most personal in living memory”. By which he means people will call him on his bigotry, while he’ll be a bigot. Leave a comment
“gays, hell bent on taking the social fabric, sewing sequins on it and turning it into some kind of sex-cape.” Leave a comment
Iran: Yeah, you know what, I think the UN Security Council does need more US allies with a history of helping invade middle eastern countries for primarily political reasons. Leave a comment
October 18, 2012
Jones forced to fact-check, or else. Leave a comment
*snrk* Leave a comment
October 17, 2012
The crime David Hicks was convicted of gets overturned. So… that means, after formal appeals, no conviction. Which means the condition that he not sue for human rights abuses goes out the window, too. Man, sucks to be DFAT right now. Leave a comment
Canberra University hovers somewhere between defending and staying hands off the doctor who suggested contraceptives to ‘fix’ a male student’s The Gay. Leave a comment
For everyone who says “Abbott doesn’t hate women, he has daughters”, Macquarie Dictionary has some ‘splaining that might help you understand misogyny. Leave a comment
October 16, 2012
Bernardi doubles down on being a douchebag. Leave a comment
Abbott criticises the government for launching policy without talking to foreign governments it’d involve, promises he’d never do such a thing, then repeatedly does such a thing. Leave a comment
The NSW ALP: protecting you (well, one MP) from eggplant. Leave a comment
October 15, 2012
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Leave a comment
October 12, 2012
In case anyone forgot, the UN still thinks Australia’s refugee policy is bullshit. Leave a comment
October 11, 2012
The Australian media tries its hardest to avoid recognising Gillard having landed a blow (and pretending it was a bad move)… Leave a comment
… which is so much more embarrassing when an American magazine nails it. Leave a comment
This guy’s sorry he called Paul Sheehan balls-out insane last week. He was obviously wrong, because Sheehan really went balls-out insane this week. Leave a comment
October 10, 2012
Gillard eviscerating Abbott gets international attention. Leave a comment
But her government still passes legislation that will disproportionately affect poor single mothers. Leave a comment
October 9, 2012
Turnbull: Alan Jones isn’t being bullied, he’s getting a taste of his own medicine. Leave a comment
Coalition senator: the Coalition is slipping further to the right. Leave a comment
Windsor: Turnbull would make better leader than Abbott. Leave a comment
Gillard tears into Abbott. Leave a comment
Homeopathy to treat domestic violence. Aside from the bullshit, I can just see how well a wife-beater is going to respond to being asked to drink some diluted rose oil. Leave a comment
October 8, 2012
Alan Jones and bosses try to pretend they’re the victims, complain about people being mean. Remember, it’s only free speech when Alan Jones is abusing the left, not the other way around. Leave a comment
Why Abbott really is a misogynist. Leave a comment
Wow. People suck. Leave a comment
“Some of Tony Abbott’s best friends are women” Leave a comment
October 5, 2012
Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin thinks doctors are performing abortions on women who aren’t pregnant. Leave a comment
October 4, 2012
Windsor thinks Abbott’s 50-50 to still be heading the Coalition come next election. Leave a comment
Strongest western economy compared to weakest, when consumer confidence is one of the most important things to maintain said strength. Stupid *and* reckless. Yes, Abbott’s involved. Leave a comment
Iconic image of democratic victory is actually an iconic image of sexual assault. Leave a comment
October 2, 2012
Campbell Newman ends corruption… watchdog. QLD doesn’t have a history of corruption, does it? Leave a comment
California bans ‘treatments’ intended to straighten up The Gays. Leave a comment
Gillard is bad because she took bereavement leave. You know, that thing that’s stock standard for employers to offer and there would be outcry if were removed. Leave a comment
October 1, 2012
Leave a comment
September 28, 2012
Katter’s Party – Barnaby invited to join Katter fold Leave a comment
Science! Leave a comment
Jill Meagher’s body found. The Age provides handy google map. Leave a comment
September 26, 2012
Classy. Leave a comment
Poodle Pyne wants Labor to… not vote for their own policies? Fucked if I know. Leave a comment
September 25, 2012
Elizabeth Handsley gets it wrong again Leave a comment
The identity (that absolutely no-one knew within hours) of the SA MP charged with child porn offences has been “revealed”. Also, the local media seem to have been holding a lot in, every other article today is about Bernie. Leave a comment
Former head of AMA supports health sector job cuts in the interests of toeing the party line. Leave a comment
Mitt Romney’s air travel idea : Install roll down windows so people can breathe easier Leave a comment
September 24, 2012
ACT candidate wants to ban gay sex, premarital sex, infidelity and divorce. Proposal to ban puppies and ice cream expected soon. Leave a comment
Russian editor loses job after refusing to cover dangerous lunatic’s PR stunt (and yet Aussie ‘journalists’ follow meekly along behind pollies who aren’t suspected of having critics murdered). Leave a comment
Former Lib senator shows up at court in support of case that would make it easier for the Libs to get elected. Leave a comment
September 19, 2012
Sex Party – Legalise Drugs: No More Sniffer Dogs Leave a comment
In a stunning lurch to the left, Tony Abbott decrees that gay marriage ISN’T likely to lead to bestiality. Also, Cory Bernardi forced to resign his secretaryship. Leave a comment
It’s like everyone suddenly discovered Cory Bernardi is a complete prick One comment
September 18, 2012
Daniel Hurst – Good journalist, or best journalist? (Oh, and the LNP are a pack of liars.) Leave a comment
Behead those who insult the profit Leave a comment
Greg Sheridan gets bitch-slapped Leave a comment
Secular Party – Islam & Terrorism Leave a comment
Katter’s Party – regarding Clive Palmer One comment
Secular Party – Media Release Leave a comment
The Catholic Church finally gets it right; the end is nigh Leave a comment
Clive Palmer upset that LNP no longer dancing to his tune Leave a comment
September 14, 2012
Accusing Tony Abbott of being a violent misogynist is “anti-Catholic”. Good work, Greg Sheridan. Leave a comment
Reprehensible headline is reprehensible. Someone being arbitrarily detained for an indefinite amount of time is not ‘jetting off’ on a holiday. Leave a comment
Redmond sees Newman’s popularity plummet, proposes Newman policies. Leave a comment
The Onion. That is all. Leave a comment
Stanford gets lost of money from business threatened by organic produce. Stanford produces study falsely suggesting organic produce isn’t any better than non-organic. Unrelated. *cough* Leave a comment
September 13, 2012
Sex Party – Computer Games and Erotic Novels Boost Adult Retailing Leave a comment
Abbott : The violence within Leave a comment
Rudd attacks Abbott, evidence of leadership tension. Or some shit. (Next week: Rudd picks nose. Leadership tension rises.) Leave a comment
Abbott: Warm, cuddly, violent toward women. Leave a comment
September 12, 2012
Because Austerity has been such a raging success everywhere it’s been tried, Queensland has a go too. 2 comments
September 11, 2012
Fracking liars pulled up for claiming the CSIRO said something it didn’t, wouldn’t. Leave a comment
Guy responsible for working out how to stop the boats finally admits that the boats can’t be stopped at our end, because they’re running from, not to. Leave a comment
Penbo does everything he can to demonise and dehumanise the “Other”, facts be-damned 2 comments
Anglican Archbishop to ACL: “Oi! Don’t hog all the bigotry!” Leave a comment
September 10, 2012
Turnbull applies a little marriage equality pressure to the Libs Leave a comment
September 7, 2012
Country Alliance – New Recognition For Shooters, Boaters 1,633 comments
Not the first time Peter Costello’s numbers don’t add up One comment
September 6, 2012
Gillard pulls out of ACL conference after Jim Wallace takes the offensive blatant lies too far. Leave a comment
Government more than happy to unload old weapons on Indonesia, doesn’t care they’re being used to brutally suppress dissent. Leave a comment
Coalition in turmoil over raci… nationalism. Leave a comment